Designing for Your Business

Optimizing your website for your goals

by Raisa Yang (@sweetraiscake)

"Look at other websites for inspiration."

Screenshot of Deadwater agency's website


Screenshot of I am Sacha website


Screenshot of Christmas Express website


Screenshot of I am Natan website


What is Web Design?

Web Design is...

... not just about the looks.

... not just about fonts and colors.

Web Design is...

... researching user behavior.

Graph of A/B testing process


... laying out pages thoughtfully and logically.

Anatomy of an Effective Landing page graph


... optimizing user experience.

Graph of loading time effects on coversion rates


... brand building with fonts and colors. ☺

Why Design Matters

Design affects...

... ease of use.

... user trust.

... conversion rates.

Web Design Begins
Before Site Building

Establish your website's goal

  • Sell a product or service
  • Establish an audience
  • Build a community

Ensure that your goals benefit your audience.

A few examples...

Photographer's Website

  • Showcase works and shooting style
  • Build a portfolio with various photo types (portraits, landscapes, etc)
  • Display skills in composition and attention to detail
  • Make a personal connection with potential clients
  • Visually-driven design


Fitness Training Website

  • Display results and testimonials of your programs
  • Demonstrate knowledge about fitness and health (blogging, ebooks, newsletters)
  • Make sign ups easy and welcoming


Recipe Website

  • Make recipes easy to find with good search function
  • Encourage users to try new recipes with good pictures
  • Add recipe cards for quick reference
  • Enable reviews and ratings


Product Website

  • Showcase products
  • Add detailed photos
  • Provide good copy
  • Easy checkout process


What does this mean for you?

If you're a DIY-er: you have a better idea of what theme to choose.

If you hired a developer: you can better communicate what you want out of the site.

Good design

Happy users

Better conversions ☺

Thank you!


Twitter: @sweetraiscake